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Find here the complete list of the past and forthcoming webinars in 2020-2021, 2021-2022, and the past call for papers.

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Avisa. A bilingual platform for multidisciplinary research on sexual harassment

This bilingual platform in French and English presents the research of a community of scholars who study the social phenomenon generically termed as sexual harassment through its textual and filmic representations from the Middle Ages to the present. The team members come from different disciplines: literature, history, the history of ideas and the sociology of film.

The Avisa platform contains a searchable glossary in French and English of the terms and phrases used to identify, document and report this type of sexual violence.
It also develops a collection of victims of such acts and includes historical, literary or filmic characters. It presents a corpus database of the works analysed, an updated bibliography, posts on the topic as well as information about forthcoming and past events in the project.
This platform is named after a character from a narrative poem in English (Willobie His Avisa 1594), who successfully rebuffs a series of persistent and aggressive wooers. Avisa thus epitomizes the overcoming of sexual harassment and conveys an empowering image of women in a context of violent gender relations. The name of the project also reflects its objectives, which are to demonstrate the following:
-    That sexual harassment was represented through various media long before the Weinstein effect.
-    That sexual harassment was condemned even if not prosecuted in court throughout history.
-    That cases of sexual harassment were recorded in certain places over the centuries.
The overall aim of this platform is to historicize and map this social phenomenon.

Practical information


Marina Imocrante (DYPAC), Francesca Setzu (Centre Pierre Naville)  

Editors in chief

Armel Dubois-Nayt, Helena Taylor, Réjane Hamus-Vallée


Davide Gherdevich (DYPAC), Aurélia Desplain (CECMC)


DYPAC / Centre Pierre Naville / SLAMMSH Paris Saclay / SAGEF / SIEFAR

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